Thursday, October 16, 2008

Karrie's 1st day of school

August 25 was my first day of eighth grade. I was so nervous!

Karrie's Birthday

I turned thirteen on August 24,2008. I had a friend party and it was so much fun! We watched a movie, talked, and played outside games. We were up until 2 am.

Ashley's Birthday

On Ashley's eighth birthday she had a friend party at the Lion House. It was fun! We got a tour of the Lion House, we ate sandwiches, pulled taffy, played games, and heard stories about Brigham Young. After we did all that we ate cake, opened presents, and then Ashley got to choose a doll.

Ashleys Baptism

Ashley my sister was baptized on May 31, 2008. I am so happy she decided to be baptized! I love her a lot!

My Great Grandma

On February 14, 2008 my Great Grandma Lillie died. I miss her so much! She was so sweet! I love her and am happy for her because she is with Great Grandpa Ben now.